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We work for our clients to deliver the high-class consultation services and help you any issue you may face in your business activity as well as empowering entrepreneurs to achieve goals.

Registered Partner

We are Registered Salesforce consulting partner providing a comprehensive suite of services from consultation to support.


Our business strategies, vision and mission are assimilated by our relationship with our clients, employees and our communities.

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Great Minds + Visioned approach + Cutting-edge Technology= Gratified Customers


Application Solution

Build, run, and manage intelligent apps on Salesforce™. Design solution and Documentation for your application/problem. Mobile Application, Salesforce™ Custom Application Development, Salesforce™ Enterprise Application Development solution to be provided.

Migration Setup

Salesforce™ Classic to Lightning Migration setup, analysis and plan. Data migration tools we help end-client in SSIS(SQL Server Integration Services), DBAm (Salesforce™ to SQL Server Integration), Force.com Migration. Data loader field mapping, Insert/Delete, Data cleansing.

Features Management

Salesforce™ new Release and features management. Manage Features with flexibility and feature parameters in end-client packaging org. Customers installing our Apps from AppExchange. We are release and upgrading a new feature to our application and publishing in AppExchange.

Why Choose Us?

Radocx enables you to maximize your investment in Salesforce by providing you access to a team of certified and experienced consultants and engineers who are available round the clock to troubleshoot all your glitches as soon as they arise. Based out of Noida, Radocx is a Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner.

Whether you are new to Salesforce and just deployed or have been working with Salesforce for some time, our certified consultants will provide you with actionable solutions to leverage your business investment in your CRM solutions. Our customers vary from small, medium enterprises to some of the Fortune 50+ companies which require the implementation of large E-business programs.

A revolutionary Salesforce CRM, Sales Cloud can navigate all of your enterprise sales activity from the micro to macro level. It’s an ideal package for sales operations comprising lead generation, marketing, providing customer service and business outline.
Enabling automated marketing solutions and analytics, Marketing Cloud is a highly calibrated Salesforce platform for marketers to manage their market force through various digital communication channels. Customer information tracking and management is optimized through it’s pioneer AI technology, Salesforce Einstein.
Service Cloud is an elegantly designed Salesforce platform dedicated to customer support and services. Addressing customer inquiries and issue resolution is the prime focus of Service Cloud.
Provisioning cloud based ecommerce services is commerce cloud’s key game play. Offering first-rate features and customizable tweaks, this Salesforce platform conveniently handles ecommerce functionality through understanding, engagement and acuity.
The core cloud framework is shared among specific parties having similar concerns. Access to cloud to those outside the community may be restricted. Community Cloud thus offers interaction medium to share information among various company personnel.
Salesforce bids a plethora of tools and services which can be used to build tailor-made software solutions which fulfills any organization’s specific requirements. Thinqloud has successfully assisted businesses from different industries in this regard.

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